Two warm hands

Senergize het parool amsterdam 24-11-14

OOO! Senergize has been featured in Het Parool, Amsterdam’s daily newspaper. Here’s a rough translation –

A combination of Thai massage and yoga at Senergize in a garden house in the Jordaan

In a cute little garden house at the back of the house of masseur and yoga teacher Louis Divine, you can come by for a combination of yoga and Thai massage. Lying down on a soft mat, with relaxing music in the background and candles, you find yourself in a surprisingly quiet oasis in the Jordaan – only the tower bells can be heard sometimes.

Two warm hands hold the feet and knead and push strongly. Stiff calves betray ‘cyclist legs’, something he encounters more often around here. Several pressure points are being taken care of and then follows the yoga. You don’t have to do anything yourself: Divine takes your hand and leg and stretches muscles you didn’t even know you had.

He’s been in the Netherlands for two years now and used to live in London where he worked as a web designer and yoga teacher. Now he combines it with Thai massage. “Massages are something very common in Thailand, everybody learns it during their upbringing and practice often.” The difference with regular massage is that you can keep on all your clothing, which may sound strange, but it’s pretty comfortable. Although the session can be intense at times, afterwards you feel light as a feather, refreshed and with renewed energy, like after a meditation. It can be done for 45 euros per hour or 25 for half an hour. Also nice to give as a gift voucher. And yes, Divine is his real last name. He used to get teased a little but these days the name is pretty convenient for him.

Senergize het parool amsterdam 24-11-14

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