It was 365 days ago today

Sunken bicycle Amsterdam 12-01-13

After one year here are a few reflections on living in Amsterdam.

Things I like about Amsterdam

The people are so friendly. If you stand with an A-Z map looking like a lost tourist for longer than a minute somebody will stop to help you out. Directions have never been my strong point but even I now know the answer to the number one request “Where is Anne Frank house?”.

Amsterdam has been rated the world’s top city for cycling. Everything revolves around the bicycle with a proliferation of cycle lanes and facilities. The city has been described as “relaxed, enjoyable and as mainstream as you can get. This is the one place on the planet where fear-mongering about cycling is non-existent and it shows.”

The air is really clean. You and your bike don’t get covered in a layer of heavily leaded dirt wherever you go.

Spelt bread
Proper wheat free bread that tastes like… bread! Instead of having a heavy, doughy, cake like consistency.

Things I’m still coming to terms with in Amsterdam

The rain
Amsterdam’s average annual rainfall – 915 mil

Manchester’s average annual rainfall – 806 mil

London’s average annual rainfall – 601 mil

Say no more

The mosquitos
These are a real problem with mosquito nets being a prerequisite. At the beginning of December, with snow on the ground, I still got bitten. Somebody did say that it was probably a flee bite (which is another story).

Things I miss about London

Of course!

The lack of hills makes it much easier cycling in Amsterdam. But it would be nice to get a view over the city without having to climb up a tall building.

Museums and galleries
They really are world class.

That London ‘buzz’
I miss the ‘buzz’ that London has or though I know it’s the thing that can send you mad in the end.

What I dream of
I frequently dream of being in a small Yorkshire village on a Sunday afternoon trying to buy the newspapers, but they’re all sold out. I often dream about buying the Sunday newspapers.

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